Gaylord Community Cooperative Preschool

215 South Center, P.O. Box 231
Gaylord, Michigan 49734

Parents & Children

A preschool where kids and parents learn & grown together

At Gaylord Community Cooperative Preschool, we believe hands-on learning is not only the most fun, but the most rewarding!

What the Children Gain:
Cooperation in a play group.


Encouragement to grow and share experiences with peers.

Kindergarten preparation.

From a Parent's View:
Opportunity to assist during your child's session.

Allows child to become acclimated to leaving parents.

Work with friendly adults in a safe, nurturing environment for kids.

A way to remain an active part in your child's experiences.


Session I

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings

8:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Child must be 3 years old by September 1st

Session II

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Afternoons
Mondays Added at Mid-Year

12:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Child must be 4 years old by December 1st

Registration Fee: $50*
Cooperative Fee: $30

 *Non-refundable fee.

Enrollment Form

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Meet our teacher!
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Busy at work . . . and play!
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The teacher shapes the curriculum so children can begin to develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills in the classroom. The high adult-to-child ratio (1 to 5), provides challenging opportunities for the children. The teacher can directly focus on art, science, music and other projects, often drawing on the talents of parents. Preschoolers are encouraged to pursue their interests, learn from mistakes and communicate thoughts and feelings through their words.

A "Cooperative" Preschool Teacher:
Is responsible for content, direction and implementation of the daily program.

Creates a stimulating environment for your child's emotional and physical growth by providing activities involving individual and social play.

Is an advisor, director and friend to the parents and children.

Is licensed by the State of Michigan.

Gaylord Community Cooperative Preschool Philosophy

A child's own place where fun, needs and feelings are of prime importance. There are new and exciting toys, opportunities for creative play and learning along with many new friends under the guidance of a qualified teacher and loving parents!

Miss Kristen's Philosophy for
Early Childhood Care and Education

I believe that children learn by engaging in hands-on activities and through play. Children need to be given choices and opportunities to explore things for themselves. It is the teacherís responsibility to learn about the childís interests, follow the childís lead and provide assistance when needed.

The classroom must accommodate each individual and provide a safe environment for children. Each item and experience that the child comes in contact with must be developmentally appropriate.

I believe that children need to be given opportunities to learn in each domain, including cognitive, language, physical, social-emotional, and creative. It is necessary for children to engage in child directed projects. In all experiences, the teacher should focus on the process, not the product.

Children will be respected at all times. Teachers will actively listen to children and use a calm, quiet voice when talking to children. Discipline will be for teaching, not punishing and children will be told what to do instead of what not to do. The most important fact is that children are the primary concern.

Diversity will be embraced in the classroom. The children will be introduced to a variety of cultural items. The teachers will model tolerance and respect of all people.

The success of each child is dependent upon teamwork. The relationships between teachers, children, and families will be consistent. Each childís caregiver should be an active participant in the learning process. I will work with each family to accommodate individual issues.

What is a Cooperative?

Our school is a non-profit cooperative. That means the parents are the owners. Parents are expected to regularly participate at all levels, ranging from administration, operation and maintenance of the facility. They also participate in the classroom teaching under the guidance of our professional teacher.

Parents soon realize that they are their children's biggest teacher, so the involvement in our school doesn't seem like work at all! The participation fosters a strong sense of community, a rich and varied educational curriculum and a safe and stimulating enviornment for preschoolers.

Gaylord Community Cooperative Preschool, Inc., admits students of any race, sex, color and national origin. If you would like more information, please call 989-732-7838 or email us.

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